Bet’Win game Caribbean version


This variant of the original Bet’Win game have a simpler mechanism

and adding a bonus.



1. Composition of a Bet’Win game

1.1. Cards

A bet’win game is played with six decks of forty-four cards.

Each deck, in the four suit cards (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds), is composed of five cards numbered from 1 to 5, five faces that are the King (R), the Lady (D), the Rider (C) , the Jack (V) and the Beggar (M), and four jokers.

The original cards of the Bet’Win game


1.2. The layout

The layout is composed of a “Path” for the two cards of the dealer, players areas for the initial bet and re-bet.

The layout is intended for 7 players.

Table of the Bet’Win Caribbean version
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2. Goal of the game

To win, players must have the value of their card included inside the dealer’s two cards.

All players win if the dealer draws 2 jokers for him.

Example of a situation at the Bet’Win Caribbean


3. Running a round

3.1. Distribution of the cards

When all the players have bet their initial wager, the dealer gives a card for each hand starting on his left and going clockwise. Then, he gives himself a card, called “Waiting”, which he puts at his location on the path. If the drawn card is a joker, it is placed in the middle and above the path.


3.2. Changing a card

Then the dealer announces “Change” and offers the players to replace their card. If the player decides to keep his hand he announces “Stand”. If he prefers to change his card, he announces “Change” and the dealer puts the card, face-down, on the box of the re-bet. Once the “Change Complete” announcement has been made, the dealer changes players’ cards from left to right and then picks up the cards to put them on the used card shoe.

This option is only valid once per round and per player.


3.3. The Re-bet

Then, the dealer announces “Re-bet”.

Players have the choice to make an additional bet, called “Re-bet”, by betting an amount less than or equal to their initial bet. The re-bet can not be lower than the minimum amount of the table.

The re-bet option is only allowed to the seated players.


3.4. The 2nd dealer’s card

When all players have determined the situation of their hands and their stakes, the dealer announces “Re-bet completed” then draws a second card for himself, called “Adjoining”, which he puts at his location on the way.

If it’s a second joker card, the two jokers cards are placed on each of the stars at the ends of the path.


3.5. Result and payment

The dealer, after having determined and announced the winning zone, picks up of the losing bets and pays the winning bets from right to left. Then, the dealer removes the cards and puts them face-down on the used card shoe. He removes its cards last.

The croupier pays all the hands that are included inside his two cards (winning zone), and picks up the hands outside the winning zone.

Players are paid 1 to 1 on their initial bet and 3 to 1 on their re-bet.

If the dealer has two jokers, he pays 5 to 1 all bets and re-bets.


4. The joker

The value of the joker is associated with the dealer’s second card. If the second card is a number, the joker card has a value lower than 1. If the second card is a face, its value is greater than the king. The location of the joker on the path is represented by a star in a circle.

The dealer draws 2 jokers for him ? All players win !


5. The Bonus

The player who has his card equal to the two cards of the dealer wins the bonus: he is paid 5 to 1 his initial bet and 10 to 1 the re-bet.

Example of a bonus at the Bet’Win Caribbean version : the player card and the 2 dealers’s cards are the same ? It’s won !


6. The Ultra-Bonus

If the dealer has two jokers and the player also has a joker, he wins the ultra-bonus: 10to 1 the initial bet and 15 to 1 the re-bet.

The ultra-bonus at the Bet’Win Caribbean version



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